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2023-01-14, Step-down synchronous rectifier pulse width modulator (PWM) controller

The ISL6522 provides complete control and protection for a DC-DC converter optimized for high-performance microprocessor applications. It is designed to drive two N-Channel MOSFETs in a synchronous rectified buck topology. The ISL6522 integrates all of the control, output adjustment, monitoring and protection functions into a single package.

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2023-01-14, Low drive GTLP/LVTTL 1:6 clock drive

The GTLP6C817 is a low drive clock driver that provides TTL to GTLP signal level translation (and vice versa). The device provides a high speed interface between cards operating at TTL logic levels and a backplane operating at GTLP logic levels. High speed backplane operation is a direct result of GTLP’s reduced output swing (<1V), reduced input threshold levels and output edge rate control.

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2023-01-14, 103-dB, 192-kHz, stereo audio ADC with 6:1 input Mux

The CS5346 integrates an analog multiplexer, programmable gain amplifier, and stereo audio analog-to-digital converter. The CS5346 performs stereo analog-to-digital (A/D) conve rsion of 24-bit serial values at sa mple rates up to 192 kHz.

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2023-01-14, Renesas Low Noise 24-bit Delta Sigma ADC

The ISL26102 and ISL26104 provide a low-noise programmable gain amplifier along with a 24-bit Delta-Sigma Analog-to-Digital Converter with two channel (ISL26102) or four channel (ISL26104) differential, multiplexed inputs. The devices feature exceptional noise performance for conversion rates ranging from 2.5Sps to 4kSps

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2023-01-14, Intersil offers General Purpose Timers

The ICM7555 and ICM7556 are CMOS RC timers providing significantly improved performance over the standard SE/NE 555/556 and 355 timers, while at the same time being direct replacements for those devices in most applications. Improved parameters include low supply current, wide operating supply voltage range, low Threshold, Trigger and Reset currents, no crowbarring of the supply current during output transitions, higher frequency performance and no requirement to decouple Control Voltage for stable operation.

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2023-01-14, High performance, 14 bit, low power micro CMOS ADC

The TLC3541 and TLC3545 are a family of high performance, 14-bit, low power, miniature CMOS analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). These devices operate from a single 5-V supply. Devices are available with single, dual, or single pseudo-differential inputs. All of these devices have a chip select (CS), serial clock (SCLK), and serial data output (SDO) that provides a direct 3-wire interface to the serial port of most popular host microprocessors (SPI interface).

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2023-01-13, 14-bit non-contact digital Angle sensor with ABZ and UVW incremental output

The MA330 detects the absolute angular position of a permanent magnet (usually a radially magnetized cylindrical permanent magnet) on the axis of rotation. Its fast data acquisition and processing capabilities provide accurate Angle measurements at 0-60,000 RPM. In servo applications, the performance of the control loop can be optimized by adjusting the digital filter

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2023-01-13, Vishay introduces new electronic fuses with adjustable current limits and overvoltage protection

Vishay Intertechnology has announced the launch of four new electronic fuses in small 3 mm x 3 mm TDFN packages with adjustable current Limit and overvoltage Protection (OVP) features -SiP32433A/B and SiP32434A/B. 3.5 A SiP32433A/B and 6 A SiP32434A/B operate in the input voltage range of 2.8V to 23 V -- up to 28 VIN DC -- integrating multiple control and protection functions, simplifying the design and reducing the need for external components

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2023-01-13, Minimum TEC optical module power driver

The MAX8520/MAX8521 are designed to drive thermoelectric coolers (TECs) in space-constrained optical modules. Both devices deliver ±1.5A output current and control the TEC current to eliminate harmful current surges. On-chip FETs minimize external components and high switching frequency reduces the size of external components

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2023-01-13, 1.5MHz, 800mA dual output synchronous step-down converter

The MP2102 is a dual-output, internally compensated, 1.5MHz fixed frequency PWM step-down converter. It is ideal for powering portable equipment from a single cell LithiumIon (Li+) Battery. Each channel of the MP2102 can supply 800mA of load current from a 2.5V to 6V input voltage. Both output voltages can be regulated as low as 0.6V

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2023-01-13, Texas Instruments high performance current mode PWM controller

The TL284xB and TL384xB series of control integrated circuits provide the features that are necessary to implement off-line or dc-to-dc fixed-frequency current-mode control schemes, with a minimum number of external components. Internally implemented circuits include an undervoltage lockout (UVLO) and a precision reference that is trimmed for accuracy at the error amplifier input.

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2023-01-13, Microchip Technology single chip OOK receiver

The MICRF001 is a single chip OOK (ON-OFF Keyed) Receiver IC for remote wireless applications, employing Micrel’s latest QwikRadiotm technology. This device is a true “antenna-in, dataout” monolithic device. All RF and IF tuning is accomplished automatically within the IC, which eliminates manual tuning, and reduces production costs

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2023-01-13, High voltage surge stopper with current limitation

The LT4363 surge stopper protects loads from high voltage transients. It regulates the output during an overvoltage event, such as load dump in vehicles, by controlling the gate of an external N-channel MOSFET. The output is limited to a safe value allowing the loads to continue functioning

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2023-01-12, Vishay 150-mA Low Noise, Low Dropout Regulator

The SiP21106 BiCMOS 150 mA low noise LDO voltage regulators are the perfect choice for low battery operated low powered applications. An ultra low ground current and low dropout voltage of 135 mV at 150 mA load helps to extend battery life for portable electronics. Systems requiring a quiet voltage source, such as RF applications, will benefit from the SiP21106 low output noise

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2023-01-12, Renesas 1.5A low static current 1.6MHz High efficiency synchronous step-down regulator

The ISL8009A is a high efficiency, monolithic, synchronous step-down DC/DC regulator that can deliver up to 1.5A continuous output current. It is optimized for generating low output voltages down to 0.8V. The supply voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V allows for the use of single Li+cell, three NiMH cells or a regulated 5V input

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2023-01-12, Texas Instruments TPS40077 4.5v to 28v input, voltage mode, synchronous step-down controller with voltage feedforward

The TPS40077 is a mid-voltage, wide-input (4.5-V to 28-V), synchronous, step-down controller, offering design flexibility for a variety of user-programmable functions, including soft start, undervoltage lockout (UVLO), operating frequency, voltage feed-forward, and high-side, FET-sensed, short-circuit protection.

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2023-01-12, Full color LED controller drive with PWM control

The NJU6060 is an RGB LED driver with PWM control. It contains PWM (pulse width modulation) controller, LED drivers, 8-bit serial interface, etc. Each of the R (red), G (green) and B (blue) outputs produces 32 levels individually so that the RGB LED emits 32,768 colors (32 x 32 x 32).

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2023-01-12, 2A, 24V input, 600kHz 2-3 unit switch lithium-ion battery charger, with system power path management

The MP2619 is a monolithic switching charger for 2-3 cell Li-Ion battery packs with a built in internal power MOSFET. It achieves up to 2A charge current with current mode control for fast loop response and easy compensation. The charge current can be programmed by sensing the current through an accurate sense resistor.