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1.5 A, 340 kHz, Buck regulator and synchronization capability

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发布日期: 2023-01-10, ON Semiconductor

The NCP1547 is a 1.5 a buck voltage regulator IC operating at a fixed frequency of 340 kHz. The device uses the V2™ control architecture to provide unmatched transient response, the best overall adjustment, and the simplest loop compensation for today's high-speed logic.

Program diagram


The NCP1547 accommodates input voltages from 4.0V to 40V and contains synchronization circuits. The on-chip NPN transistor is capable of providing an output current of at least 1.5 a and is biased by an external "booster" capacitor to ensure saturation, thereby minimizing on-chip power consumption. Protective circuits include thermal shutdown, cycle current limiting and frequency folding.

Block Diagram


The NCP1547 step-down regulator provides a high level of integration and high operating frequency, allowing switching mode power supplies to be laid out within a very small board area. This device is based on a proprietary V2 control architecture. V2 control uses the output voltage and its ripple as ramp signals, providing ease of use not normally associated with voltage or current mode control. Improved line regulation, load regulation and very fast transient response are also major advantages.