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A new generation of dual-channel isolated grid driver IC that improves the performance of SMPS designed systems

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发布日期: 2023-05-17, Infineon Technologies

Today, 3.3kW switching power supply (SMPS) uses the latest technologies such as superjunction (SJ silicon) power MosFets and silicon carbide (SiC) power mosfets in the Totem pole PFC class, as well as gallium nitride (GaN) power switches that meet high voltage DC-DC power conversion requirements. The power density can reach 100 W/inch3. Digital control of PFCS and DC-dcs is as critical to energy efficiency and robustness as great gate drive solutions. To meet the latest design and application needs, Infineon Technologies AG has introduced a new family of two-channel electrically isolated EiceDRIVER™ gate driver IC products.


The product family features multiple undervoltage locking (UVLO) threshold options and isolation levels, and uses alternative packaging technologies to provide a complete solution for a variety of applications. The new product portfolio combines powerful isolation technology that meets the latest industry standards with outstanding electrical parameters to operate efficiently and reliably over a wide operating temperature range and extend the life of devices.

The range of drivers is versatile and suitable for server and telecom SMPS, solar inverters and energy storage systems, motor drive and battery powered applications, electric vehicle charging, and high performance computing.


Compared with the previous generation of products, the new generation of EiceDRIVER introduces DSO 14 pin package, which can increase the creepage distance between channels; At the same time, the built-in dead zone time control and breakdown protection function, also can shorten the UVLO startup time. The new generation of EiceDRIVER uses powerful isolation technology that complies with the industry's latest device-level isolation standards (VDE 0884-11, IEC 60747-17).

In addition, the drive family is available in a highly compact LGA 4x4 mm2 package, which can save up to 36% of space in low-voltage applications. One of the important improvements and upgrades developers have made to the new EiceDRIVER is the integration of electrical isolation technology into the gate driver IC, which is currently certified by IEC 60747-17. Certification by IEC 60747-17 means that these products have a service life of up to 20 years and meet the highest safety standards.

The shorter UVLO startup time (from 5μs to 2μs) speeds up the SMPS startup and prevents the main power transformer from becoming saturated. In addition, the new generation IC comes with a special output clamp circuit that enables active output clamp functionality to quickly suppress output noise even when the channel is "not working". This versatile approach prevents dangerous half-bridge through-through events during bootstrap startup while the grid driver power supply is still below the UVLO open threshold.


The new generation grid driver IC has configurable breakdown protection (STP) and dead-time control (DTC) built into the hardware. These two functions provide further protection as a secondary safety mechanism to ensure safe and reliable operation of the gate driver IC. In addition, the innovative package design eliminates unused or previously known as "connectionless" pins, increasing the level of isolation between channels and the flexibility of PCB layout, thereby reducing the difficulty of circuit development for designers.