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Microchip 8-pin 8-bit CMOS microcontroller

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发布日期: 2023-03-28, Microchip Technology

Microchip Technology's PIC12C5 is a low cost, high performance, 8-bit, fully static CMOS microcontroller series based on EEPROM/EPROM/ rom. It uses RISC architecture and has only 33 single word/single loop instructions. All instructions are single-cycle (1µs), except for program branches that require two cycles.

Performance is an order of magnitude better than competitors in the same price category. The 12-bit wide instructions are highly symmetrical, and the code is compressed 2:1 compared to other 8-bit microcontrollers of the same type. Easy-to-use and easy-to-remember instruction sets greatly reduce development time.

The PIC12C5 product family has special features to reduce system cost and power requirements. Power-on reset (POR) and device reset timer (DRT) eliminate the need for an external reset circuit. There are four oscillator configurations to choose from, including INTRC internal oscillator mode and power-saving LP(low power) oscillator mode. Power-saving sleep mode, watchdog timer and code protection features also increase system cost, power and reliability.

The PIC12C5 series is also available in cost-effective disposable programmable (OTP) versions suitable for any volume production. Customers can take full advantage of Microchip's price leadership in OTP microcontrollers while benefiting from the flexibility of OTP. Their products are supported by a full-featured macro assembler, software emulators, online emulators, C compilers, fuzzy logic support tools, low-cost development programmers, and full-featured programmers. All tools support IBM PC and compatible machines.

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● 8-bit real-time clock/counter (TMR0) Programmable prelocator

● Power-on reset (POR)

● Device Reset timer (DRT)

● Watchdog Timer (WDT) with its own on-chip RC An oscillator that works reliably

● Programmable code protection

●1,000,000 wipe/write cycles EEPROM data memory

● EEPROM data retention and gt; 40 years

● Power-saving sleep patterns

● Wake up needle changes from SLEEP

● Weak internal pull-ups for I/O pins

● Internal pull-up of the MCLR pin

● Optional oscillator options:

-   INTRC: internal 4 MHz RC oscillator

-   EXTRC: External low cost RC oscillator

-   XT: Standard crystal/resonator

-   LP: power-saving, low-frequency crystal