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Rotary and linear magnetic position sensors for automotive and industrial applications

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发布日期: 2023-05-17, Allegro MicroSystems, LLC

A31315 is Allegro's 3DMAG™ family of rotating and linear magnetic position sensors for automotive and industrial applications. It combines Allegro's long-proven planar and vertical Hall effect technology to measure magnetic field components along three axes (X, Y, Z) for true 3D sensing capabilities. With a wide magnetic dynamic range without saturation, ASIL-D can meet the accuracy and performance required for safety-critical automotive applications.

A definite trend in the automotive industry is autonomous driving. Although there is still some way to go before the practical application of fully autonomous driving, related research and development and application are in full swing, which is fully reflected in the increasingly rich and perfect advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The evolution of ADAS and even autonomous driving systems has created new performance and functional challenges for system integrators. Existing products face bottlenecks in packaging, performance and power. The A31315 3DMAG sensor can overcome these limitations by simplifying system integration while enabling customers to meet stringent accuracy requirements.


Built on decades of innovative automotive magnetic sensing technology, the Allegro 3DMAG family of sensors now covers nearly all mobile magnet systems, providing the performance and safety features needed to implement next-generation ADAS solutions. Allegro recognized ADAS early on as an important trend in the automotive industry and built a strong product line that is able to provide customers with the sensor solutions they truly need to accelerate their delivery of ADAS capabilities in intelligent autonomous vehicles.

The A31315 sensors meet measurement accuracy and performance requirements for safety-critical automotive applications, ideal for steering, braking, transmission and throttle systems. The A31315 sensor's flexible 3D Hall front end and configurable signal processing architecture enable high precision, absolute linear/rotational position measurements up to 360°, while mitigating system integration challenges due to greater sensor placement freedom.


Excellent accuracy and on-chip diagnostics help improve the safety of drivers, passengers and the public in fully and partially autonomous vehicles. High performance and flexibility in different design configurations and application scenarios simplify bills of materials, low power consumption and powerful power management options help extend and optimize battery life and increase range.